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November 2008

Network, Network, Network…

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What a week! As most of you know, I am the proprietor of a small design firm called Rich Graphics – which is currently experiencing a steady flow of work. However, most of this work originates from a single source – a local web design firm with whom I have a sub-contracting arrangement in place with. This arrangement has been working fine up until now, but it also got me thinking… Thinking that I ‘have all my eggs in one basket’ as the cliche goes. And so the push on networking began!

Mad Flash Actionscripting

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So, into the world of a blog I delve. As you may know, I’m the proprietor of a small graphic design business here in Halifax, NS, Canada – I’ve spent the last seven years designing for printed matter, and find myself a bit behind the curve in the online design world. It seems the print industry is in decline, and I need to be web-savvy to keep food on the table. I’ve been reading a lot about CSS and creating new websites and content with it for the past few months, upgrading my web skills vastly.